Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

The Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting has sent shockwaves through the community as a patient tragically shot and killed a doctor within the clinic’s premises. The incident, reported by various news outlets, unfolded in the peaceful town of Collierville, leaving residents and medical professionals stunned and grieving. The shooting, which took place at the Campbell Clinic, a renowned medical facility specializing in orthopedic care, has raised urgent concerns about the safety of healthcare workers and the need for enhanced security measures. To read more about this heartbreaking event, visit This devastating incident serves as a somber reminder of the risks faced by those dedicated to healing and underscores the pressing need for addressing gun violence in our society.

Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic
Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

I. Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

1. Biography of Doctor Benjamin Mauck

Dr. Benjamin Mauck, a specialist in orthopedic surgery focusing on hand, wrist, and forearm procedures, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident on Tuesday afternoon at Campbell Orthopedics Clinic in Collierville. This heartbreaking information was confirmed by the clinic in a statement released on Tuesday evening.

According to Dr. Mauck’s biography on the Campbell Orthopedics Clinic website, he joined the clinic’s staff in August 2012 and was highly respected and cherished as a physician. Dr. Mauck specialized in surgeries related to hand, wrist, and forearm conditions, demonstrating his dedication to the field of medical science throughout his tenure at the clinic.

2. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing

His passion for providing exceptional care and his expertise in orthopedic surgery made him a valued member of the medical community. Dr. Mauck’s untimely death has left his colleagues and patients in shock and mourning. The clinic, along with the entire medical community, requests prayers and support for Dr. Mauck’s family during this difficult time.

Dr. Mauck’s commitment to his patients and the advancements in orthopedic surgery will be remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him. His tragic loss is deeply felt within the clinic and the community as a whole.

The investigation into the shooting incident is ongoing, and authorities are working diligently to gather information and determine the motive behind this devastating act of violence. Dr. Mauck’s colleagues, friends, and patients are left with heavy hearts, mourning the loss of a compassionate and skilled surgeon who dedicated his life to healing others.

Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

II. Campbell Clinic spoke about the incident and stated

1. Campbell Orthopedic Clinic has expressed shock and grief

Campbell Orthopedics Clinic expressed their profound shock and sorrow over the incident and issued the following statement: “We are deeply shocked and saddened to confirm the tragic loss of Dr. Ben Mauck, one of our highly respected and beloved physicians. We kindly request your prayers and support for his family during this difficult time. As we navigate through these challenging circumstances, we will continue our investigation and provide updates as they become available.”

In recognition of Dr. Mauck’s contributions, Campbell Orthopedics Clinic has made the decision to close all of their locations on the following day, July 12, and will provide further information regarding the reopening of the facilities. The clinic highly appreciates the swift response and collaboration of the local law enforcement officers, and they are working closely with the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

2. Mauck’s passing is a devastating blow to the clinic and the entire medical community

The loss of Dr. Mauck is a significant blow to the clinic and the entire medical community. His dedication, professionalism, and the impact he had on the lives of his patients will be deeply remembered and cherished. The clinic mourns the untimely passing of a highly esteemed and beloved member of their team, whose absence will be felt by all who knew him.

During this challenging time, the focus remains on supporting Dr. Mauck’s family and upholding the values of trust, care, and patient well-being that Campbell Orthopedics Clinic stands for. The clinic will continue to provide updates as they gather more information, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the investigation process.

Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

III. Collierville Police give update after shooting at Campbell Clinic

IV. Collierville Sheriff Dale Lane says a suspect has been arrested

1. Police press conference

During a press conference, Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane revealed that a suspect had been apprehended within a span of just five minutes after the shooting. Chief Lane disclosed that the suspect was a male patient at the hospital who had shot a healthcare worker inside the clinic. However, the identities of the suspect and the victim have not been disclosed.

2. Sheriff Lane announced

Chief Lane stated that the incident took place in one of the examination rooms at the clinic, with several patients and staff members present at the scene during the shooting. He commended the staff of Campbell Orthopedics Clinic for their efforts in protecting and assisting others following the incident. He emphasized that this was not a mass shooting and reassured that the scene was secure and there was no threat to the public.

3. Authorities worked closely to determine the motive

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with authorities working closely to determine the motive and gather further details surrounding the event. The dedicated efforts of the law enforcement agencies are aimed at conducting a thorough investigation and bringing clarity to the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

V. Public reaction to Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting

The Campbell Clinic Collierville shooting has sparked strong public reactions, with many expressing shock, sadness, and concern over the tragic incident. People in the community have come together to offer condolences and support to the family of Dr. Benjamin Mauck, the surgeon who lost his life in the shooting.

On social media platforms, individuals have shared their condolences and prayers for Dr. Mauck’s family, expressing their grief and emphasizing the impact he had on their lives as a respected and beloved physician. Many have praised his dedication to his profession and the compassionate care he provided to his patients.

The shooting has also ignited discussions about gun violence and the need for stricter gun control measures. Some individuals have called for legislative action to address the issue, highlighting the dangers posed by easy access to firearms and advocating for measures that prioritize public safety.

Local community leaders and organizations have condemned the act of violence and expressed solidarity with the victims and their families. They have emphasized the importance of supporting the healthcare community during this difficult time and providing resources for those affected by the tragedy.

Memorial events and vigils have been organized to honor Dr. Mauck’s memory and show support for the clinic staff and the Collierville community. These gatherings serve as an opportunity for community members to come together, offer comfort, and stand against violence.

The Campbell Clinic Collierville shooting has not only impacted the immediate community but has also raised broader discussions about the safety of healthcare workers and the need for enhanced security measures in medical facilities.

As the investigation into the shooting continues, the community remains united in seeking justice and healing from the aftermath of this devastating event.

Campbell Clinic Collierville Shooting: Patient Shoots and Kills Doctor in Clinic

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